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Cooling off at the splash pad at Graham's Park in Shelburne during a recent sunny, summer day.
Cooling off at the splash pad at Graham's Park in Shelburne during a recent sunny, summer day. - Kathy Johnson

YARMOUTH, N.S. – The Town of Yarmouth would like to jump into more exploration about the possibility of a splash pad and if interest on social media is any indication, the community would also like the take the plunge.

Recently a post about splash pads/parks located in other areas was posted on the Yarmouth N.S. Events and Promotions Facebook page.

“I was in my hometown Elliot Lake, Ontario, a couple of weeks ago on vacation and I was so impressed with the new splash pad they had there. My daughter Deanna had a ball,” wrote Jana Jeffery. “There was all ages there. Was sooo fun! How can we get this in Yarmouth? Who do I talk to? Should I start a fundraiser? Good idea?”

Judging by the response to the post – and also the creation of a Facebook group – lots of people think it is a good idea.

And it was discussed in a similar light around the Yarmouth town council table during a July 25 committee of the whole meeting, when Deputy Mayor Phil Mooney raised the issue for discussion after having seen the post and discussion on social media. He asked Yarmouth Recreation director Frank Grant if there has been much exploration over the possibility. Grant said nothing concrete has been done to date, other than looking at other splash pads/parks in the region and elsewhere in the province. It was pointed out a splash pad is located in Shelburne in Graham’s Park.

“We’ve done some preliminary work, but nothing too detailed,” Grant said.

It was pointed out that the type of plant you install to recirculate the water for a splash pad is costly, but Grant said there is ‘green’ funding availlable for projects of this sort that conserve and recycle water.

At one point in the past, Grant said there had been talk of possibly locating a splash pad in the Yarmouth South Playground given that there was some infrastructure already there due to the presence of a wading pool in the past. However, he and other councillors noted that infrastructure is no longer in good condition.

During the July 25 discussion Beacon Park (which has been suggested as a location in the online social media posting) was discussed as one potential location, should a project like this ever go ahead. There was no motion raised, but council did express interest in having the recreation department look into the matter further.

It was also noted by councillors that there has been some interest expressed in starting up a community group to explore such a project. Grant said during the meeting that anyone from the public who wanted to talk to him about a splash pad can definitely get in contact with him.

A Facebook group called Yarmouth Splash Park Committee has been started on Facebook. Within the first 19 hours the group already had over 1,280 members.

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