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NSCC welding student Sarah Baker with principal Mary Thompson and 100 Guys Who Share – Yarmouth County member Rick Allwright.
NSCC welding student Sarah Baker with principal Mary Thompson and 100 Guys Who Share – Yarmouth County member Rick Allwright. - Carla Allen

NSCC Foundation receives $12,000 for Urgent Aid Program at Burridge Campus at July 19 meeting

YARMOUTH - The 100 Guys Who Share - Yarmouth County have surpassed the $100,000 mark in giving back to the community.

The milestone - a total of $109,000 - was reached during the July 19 meeting with their $12,100 donation to the tỷ lệ cá độ bóng đáNSCC Foundation - Urgent Aid Program at Burridge Campus.

The 100 Guys Who Share launched in July 2016 and have assisted many non-profit organizations over the past two years.

The fundraising group gathers for quarterly meetings to hear three short presentations on local charitable organizations. Members vote, then each person writes their cheque for $100 directly to the winning non-profit chosen for a collective, impactful donation.

“We continue to be a strong group of well over 100 guys and we are always happy to accept new guys into our membership so we can give even more back to the community,” said spokesperson Rick Allwright.

Mary Thompson, principal at NSCC Burridge, says the Urgent Aid Program is part of the Make Way campaign.

It’s to support students from anywhere between $50 to $500 for those emergencies that come up. It could be heat, lights, shelter, transportation – the things that stand in the way that might make you have to drop out.

Sarah Baker, a welding student, was a recipient of some of those funds.

This past winter her car broke down. She lives in St. Bernard with a two-year-old daughter who attends daycare. After her car broke down Baker says she wasn’t going to be able to get to class. As she is on an ongoing bursary, any classes missed or the failure of even one course could cause her to lose the bursary.

She says she’s an hour walk from the closest grocery store and that her daughter has medical needs, with specialist appointments at the IWK in Halifax.

“I wasn’t able to take her to anything. I wasn’t even able to go get milk. The school gave me the money to fix my car. I was able to finish the year and I didn’t fail any courses, and they gave me a job here as a summer student,” she said.

“We’re so glad to have her,” said Thompson.

Baker works as a contact person for new students arriving and provides them with a tour of the facility.

The next meeting for The 100 Guys Who Share - Yarmouth County will be in September/October, the exact date is to be announced.

Funding recipients

On their second anniversary, the 100 Guys Who Share have collectively donated over $109,000 to eight charitable organizations that service the Yarmouth area.

Yarmouth Special Olympics

Yarmouth Area Community Fund

Yarmouth Life Sills

Yarmouth Food Bank

Tri-County Parkinsons Support Group

J Strong Foundation

Salvation Army Yarmouth

Tri-County Pregnancy Centre

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Those interested in joining can also reach out to the following 100 Guys members: Gil Dares, Matt Trask, Jeff Little, Andrew Pace, David Sollows, Jack Spurr and Rick Allwright.

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